• DeepCool MACUBE 110 Micro ATX White Case

DeepCool MACUBE 110 Micro ATX Case

Brand: deepcool logo Model: 1JX3Z10160

The DeepCool MACUBE-110 M-ATX PC case is a mid-tower ATX gaming computer case designed for maximum compatibility with components such as motherboards, graphics cards, and storage drives.

  • Its two 120mm RGB fans provide ample cooling for all your components while it’s sleek
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DeepCool MACUBE 110 Micro ATX White Case DeepCool MACUBE 110 Micro ATX ...

285.00 AED

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Deepcool MACUBE 110 Micro ATX PC Case Description:

The DeepCool MACUBE 110 Micro ATX Case is a compact and stylish option for PC builders looking for a space-saving solution without compromising on performance.
With its sleek design, excellent cooling capability, and easy installation features, the MACUBE 110 offers a reliable and efficient enclosure for Micro ATX systems. In this article, we will delve into the details of this case and explore why it is an ideal choice for those seeking a compact form factor.

Sleek and Minimalist Design:

The MACUBE 110 boasts a sleek and minimalist design that blends seamlessly into any environment. Its clean lines brushed metal front panel, and tempered glass side panel create an elegant and sophisticated look.
The front panel features a hidden ventilation design, ensuring proper airflow while maintaining a clutter-free appearance. The minimalist aesthetic of the MACUBE 110 makes it a perfect fit for both professional and gaming setups.

Compact and Versatile Size:

One of the key advantages of the MACUBE 110 is its compact size. Measuring just 411mm x 210mm x 408mm, this case is designed to save space without sacrificing functionality. Despite its small footprint, it can accommodate Micro ATX motherboards, providing sufficient room for powerful components. The compact size of the MACUBE 110 makes it an excellent choice for users with the limited desk or floor space.

Exceptional Cooling Capability:

Effective cooling is essential for maintaining optimal performance and extending the lifespan of your components. The MACUBE 110 excels in this aspect with its impressive cooling capability. It supports up to four 120mm fans, including three in the front and one in the rear.
The front panel also has enough space for a 240mm radiator, allowing for liquid cooling solutions. With proper airflow and ventilation, the MACUBE 110 keeps your system cool even during demanding tasks or gaming sessions.

Tool-less Installation:

Building a PC should be a hassle-free experience, and the MACUBE 110 ensures just that with its toolless installation design. The case features a side panel that can be easily removed without the need for screws, simplifying the installation and maintenance process.
The drive bays and expansion slots also come with toolless mechanisms, enabling quick and convenient component installation. The MACUBE 110 allows you to spend less time on assembly and more time enjoying your system.

Cable Management:

Maintaining a clean and organized interior is crucial not only for aesthetics but also for airflow optimization. The MACUBE 110 addresses this need with its efficient cable management system.
It provides multiple routing holes and Velcro straps to keep cables neatly organized and out of sight. With proper cable management, you can achieve better airflow, reducing the risk of heat buildup and improving overall system performance.

Expansion and Compatibility:

Despite its compact size, the MACUBE 110 offers ample room for expansion and compatibility. It can accommodate graphics cards up to 320mm in length, enabling the installation of high-performance GPUs.
The case also supports CPU coolers with a maximum height of 165mm, providing compatibility with a wide range of cooling solutions. Additionally, the MACUBE 110 offers storage options with support for two 3.5″ HDDs or three 2.5″ SSDs, allowing you to customize your storage setup to suit your needs.

Dust Filtration System:

Keeping your system clean and free from dust is essential for maintaining optimal performance. The MACUBE 110 features a dust filtration system that helps prevent dust particles from entering the case.
It includes a removable dust filter at the bottom to protect the power supply unit from dust accumulation. The front panel also has a built-in dust filter, ensuring that your components stay clean and dust-free.


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