Asus RA05 TUF Gaming K3 RGB Wired Mechanical English/Arabic Keyboard | 90MP01Q0-BKCA00

Original price was: 385.00 AED.Current price is: 325.00 AED.

ASUS TUF 750B Gaming Power Supply, Dual Ball Fan Bearings, 0dB Technology, 80 PLUS Bronze Certification, 80cm 8-pin CPU Connector

475.00 AED

Asus TUF Gaming 1000W Gold Power Supply, Full Modular Design, 80 Plus Gold Certified, 135mm Axial-tech Fan, Japanese Capacitors

From: 690.00 AED
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ASUS TUF Gaming AX3000 V2 Dual Band WiFi 6 Router | 90IG0790-MU9B00

Original price was: 640.00 AED.Current price is: 399.00 AED.

Asus TUF Gaming B550-Plus WiFi II Motherboard, B550 Chipset with Wi-Fi 6 Connectivity support | 90MB19U0-M0EAY0

610.00 AED

ASUS TUF GAMING B560M-PLUS WIFI mATX Motherboard | 90MB1770-M0EAY0

615.00 AED

ASUS TUF GAMING B650-PLUS Motherboard, PCIe 5.0 for M.2 storage, DDR5 memory module support, 2.5 Gb Ethernet, Teamed Power & DRAM Overlocking Performance, Optimized M.2 Heatsink Design

Original price was: 900.00 AED.Current price is: 820.00 AED.

ASUS TUF Gaming B650-Plus Wifi ATX Motherboard

Original price was: 945.00 AED.Current price is: 890.00 AED.

ASUS TUF Gaming B650M-PLUS Motherboard | 90MB1BG0-M0EAY0

Original price was: 880.00 AED.Current price is: 810.00 AED.

ASUS TUF Gaming B650M-Plus Wifi ATX Motherboard DDR5 90MB1BF0-M0EAY0

870.00 AED

ASUS Tuf Gaming B660-Plus wifi d4 Motherboard, with PCIe 5.0 slot, PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots, 10+1 DrMOS, 2.5Gb Ethernet, DisplayPort, HDMI, front USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, Aura Sync | 90MB1920-M1EAY0

800.00 AED

Asus TUF GAMING B660M-Plus D4 Intel 12th Gen Motherboard | 90MB1940-M0EAY0

680.00 AED

ASUS TUF GAMING B660M-PLUS WIFI D4 ATX Motherboard | 90MB1930-M0EAY0

630.00 AED

Asus TUF Gaming B760-Plus WiFi Motherboard

Original price was: 890.00 AED.Current price is: 780.00 AED.

Asus TUF Gaming B760M-E D4 Motherboard | 90MB1E90-M0EAY0

650.00 AED

ASUS TUF GAMING B760M-PLUS D4 LGA1700 Micro-ATX Motherboard

700.00 AED

ASUS TUF Gaming B760M-Plus WiFi Intel Motherboard, DDR5 memory module support, Two-Way AI Noise Cancelation, 2.5 Gb Ethernet, WiFi 6

Original price was: 880.00 AED.Current price is: 830.00 AED.

ASUS TUF Gaming Combo Keyboard and Mouse K1 & M3

From: 290.00 AED
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ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4070 Ti 12GB GDDR6X Graphics Card | 90YV0IJ0-M0NA00

Original price was: 4,455.00 AED.Current price is: 3,599.00 AED.

Asus Tuf Gaming GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Super BTF White OC Edition Graphics Card, 16GB GDDR6X 256-bit Memory Bit, 2670 MHz OC mode, 8448 CUDA Core, 21 Gbps Memory Speed, 3.25 Slot

4,300.00 AED