• Deepcool CF120Plus RGB (3X-Fan)

Deepcool CF120Plus RGB (3X-Fan) with 500~1800 RPM±10% Wide Speed Range & 52.5 CFM Ultra Airflow – Black | DP-F12-AR-CF120P-3P_SN

Brand: deepcool logo Model: DP-F12-AR-CF120P-3P_SN
  • Features three CF120Plus RGB fans for effective heat dissipation
  • Vibrant RGB lighting with customizable effects to enhance your system’s aesthetics
  • Balanced airflow design for efficient cooling performance
  • Quiet operation with low noise levels for a peaceful computing environment
  • Easy installation and compatibility with various computer cases
  • Reliable performance and durability for long-term use

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Deepcool CF120Plus RGB (3X-Fan) Deepcool CF120Plus RGB (3X-Fan...

230.00 AED

Description for Deepcool CF120Plus Description:

Deepcool CF120Plus 3x-Fan is a set of 3 RGB fans in black and white colors. Firstly, these fans improve airflow and keep your system cool. Furthermore, this RGB lighting can be customized using a compatible RGB controller or software.


The CF120PLUS fans are 120mm, a standard size for PC case fans.


These fans have a maximum speed of 1500 RPM, enough to provide decent airflow while keeping noise levels low.

Noise Level:

The CF120PLUS fans have a noise level of 27.6 dBA, which is relatively quiet.

RGB Lighting:

The fans come with addressable RGB lighting, which allows you to customize the lighting effects using compatible software or controllers.

Motherboard RGB Sync:

The DEEPCOOL FAN RGB CF120PLUS (3xFan) ADD-RGB has a 5V ADD-RGB header on each fan. Also, a 5V ADD-RGB header can connect it to a compatible motherboard.
To use the motherboard RGB sync feature with the DEEPCOOL FAN RGB CF120PLUS fans. You must ensure your motherboard has a 5V ADD-RGB header compatible with the fans. You can refer to your motherboard’s manual or specifications to determine whether it has a compatible header.

Cooling Efficiency:

The DEEPCOOL FAN RGB CF120PLUS fans provide efficient cooling performance for PC cases, radiators, and other components. Moreover, this feature makes it ideal for radiators or other high-pressure airflow components.
Wide Speed Range:
500~1800 RPM±10%
Ultra Airflow
52.5 CFM
Super Silent
≤28.8 dB(A)
Also, The Deepcool CF120Plus 3x-Fan is compatible with a wide range of motherboard RGB software, including ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync, and GIGABYTE RGB Fusion 2.0.
The DEEPCOOL CF120PLUS is a good option if you want a set of RGB fans. It also helps to improve airflow and add some style to your PC case. Overall, the DEEPCOOL CF120PLUS is a versatile and compatible fan that should work with most computer cases and motherboard configurations. However, it’s always a good idea to double-check your system specifications before making a purchase to ensure compatibility.


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