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  • Lian Li SL-Infinity 120 RGB UNI Fan Cooler Tripple with box cables and RGB Controller

Lian Li SL-Infinity 120 RGB UNI Fan Cooler

Brand: lianli logo Model: 615B522280
  • Enjoy optimized airflow for efficient cooling performance
  • Experience stunning addressable RGB lighting effects
  • Elevate your PC aesthetics and performance with this fan cooler

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Lian Li SL-Infinity 120 RGB UNI Fan Cooler Tripple with box cables and RGB Controller Lian Li SL-Infinity 120 RGB UN...

From: 115.00 AED

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Lian Li SL-Infinity 120 RGB UNI Fan Cooler Description:

The Lian Li SL-Infinity 120 RGB UNI Fan, is the ultimate solution for achieving both superior cooling performance and mesmerizing RGB lighting effects in your PC build. With its innovative features, low noise levels, and quick pin connection, this fan offers the perfect balance of style and functionality, making it an essential addition to any gaming or enthusiast setup.

Exceptional Cooling Performance:

The Lian Li SL-Infinity 120 RGB UNI Fan is engineered to deliver exceptional cooling performance, ensuring your components stay cool even during intense gaming sessions.
Its optimized fan blades and airflow design maximize airflow and provide efficient heat dissipation, effectively lowering temperatures and maintaining system stability. Keep your PC running at its best and unleash the full potential of your hardware with this powerful cooling solution.

Mesmerizing RGB Lighting Effects:

Featuring 40 vibrant RGB LEDs, the SL-Infinity 120 RGB UNI Fan allows you to create mesmerizing lighting effects. Also, it transforms your PC into a visual masterpiece. Customize your lighting with a spectrum of colors, dynamic patterns, and lighting modes to match your personal style.
Moreover, you can synchronize it with other RGB components for a cohesive and stunning lighting display. Moreover, elevate your gaming experience and immerse yourself in a world of vibrant RGB lighting with this fan.

Low Noise Level at High RPM:

Noise levels can significantly impact your gaming or work environment. The SL-Infinity 120 RGB UNI Fan is designed to provide a quiet operation even at high RPM. The advanced fan motor and optimized blade design reduce noise levels.
It allows you to enjoy a peaceful computing experience without sacrificing cooling performance. Focus on your tasks or immerse yourself in your favorite games without the distraction of loud fan noise.

Quick Pin Connection:

The quick pin link on the SL-Infinity 120 RGB Single Pack UNI Fan. This makes it easy to install and change the fan. The fan has a handy connection that makes mounting easy and doesn’t require any tools.
Just use the ports that come with the fan to hook it up to the motherboard or an RGB driver. Because of this, you won’t have to wait long to see how powerful RGB cooling can be. Spend less time setting up your PC and more time enjoying it.

Versatile Integration:

The Lian Li SL-Infinity 120 RGB UNI Fan fits into different PC setups without any problems. No matter if you have a Lian Li case or another case that works with it. This fan is made to fit well and help your cooling system work better. Use more than one fan to make a proper airflow and improve the cooling even more.
Also, the fan works with famous RGB syncing software for motherboards. Also, it lets you make sure that all of your lighting effects work together. With the SL-Infinity 120 RGB Single Pack UNI Fan, you can make your PC cooler and brighter.
All in one strong fan, you can enjoy great cooling, fascinating RGB lighting effects, and low noise levels. Installation is easy because it has a quick pin link and can be used in a variety of ways. Lastly, the SL-Infinity 120 RGB Single Pack UNI Fan lets you take advantage of RGB cooling and turn your PC build into a work of art.


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