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DEEPCOOL UL551 (Intel Version) CPU Cooler

Brand: deepcool logo Model: R-UL551-BKAMAB-G-1
  • Designed with durability in mind, built to withstand constant operation.
  • 3-pin ARGB LED connection included for customizable system illumination.
  • Experience DEEPCOOL’s dedication to quality and reliable performance.

75.00 AED

DEEPCOOL UL551 (Intel Version) CPU Cooler DEEPCOOL UL551 (Intel Version)...

75.00 AED

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DEEPCOOL UL551 (Intel Version) CPU Cooler Description:

DEEPCOOL UL551 (Intel Version) CPU cooler has been designed to deliver exceptional cooling performance, while simultaneously prolonging the lifespan of your Intel-based system.
This cooler is a dependable alternative for individuals looking for optimal temperature management due to its innovative features and strong build. The DEEPCOOL UL551 (Intel Version) provides the ideal blend of cooling power and visual appeal.

Efficient Cooling Performance:

The superior 1800 RPM fan of the DEEPCOOL UL551 (Intel Version) CPU cooler delivers a constant 44.31 CFM of airflow. By ensuring good heat dissipation, your CPU will remain properly cooled even during taxing workloads and prolonged gaming sessions.
The fan’s 1.65 mmAq air pressure guarantees optimum cooling performance, keeping your system operating without hiccups.

Hydro Bearing for Seamless Operation:

The UL551 (Intel Version) CPU cooler runs quietly and efficiently thanks to its hydro bearing. The hydro-bearing design reduces noise and friction to create a quiet computing environment.
Enjoy the benefits of a cool and silent PC, whether you’re focused on important tasks or immersed in gaming.

Wide Compatibility with Intel Sockets:

The 1200, 1151, 1150, and 1155 Intel sockets are all compatible with the UL551 CPU cooler. The DEEPCOOL UL551 (Intel Version) CPU Cooler offers wide compatibility, making it an excellent choice for new builds and upgrades.
You may quickly and simply improve the cooling capacity of your system with its straightforward installation technique.

Flexible PWM Fan Control:

Based on the requirements of your system, the 4-pin PWM fan connection enables precise fan speed control to guarantee optimum cooling performance. To adapt to various workloads and settings, change the fan speed to find the ideal balance between cooling effectiveness and noise levels. Enjoy specialized cooling that enhances your comfort and performance.

Stylish ARGB Lighting:

The DEEPCOOL UL551 (Intel Version) CPU cooler includes a 3-pin ARGB LED connection, enabling you to enhance your system’s illumination. Create a unique and beautiful setting by personalizing your setup with a variety of colors and dramatic lighting patterns.
Make a statement and improve the appearance of your system with striking ARGB lighting.

Reliable and Durable Design:

UL551 (Intel Version) CPU cooler has been designed with durability as a priority and is built to withstand the demands of continuous operation. The fan operates well while using the least amount of energy possible thanks to its 1.2W power consumption and 0.1A rated current.
This increases your system’s longevity and encourages environmental responsibility.

Experience Efficient Cooling with DEEPCOOL:

This CPU cooler offers both usefulness and beauty thanks to its powerful fan, whisper-quiet operation, broad compatibility, and chic ARGB illumination. You can have confidence in DEEPCOOL’s commitment to quality and experience the benefits of exceptional cooling performance.
Increase the cooling capacity of your system with the DEEPCOOL UL551 (Intel Version) CPU cooler to realize all of its potential. Even when doing intense activities, keep your CPU running at ideal temperatures to retain peak performance. Enjoy reliable, stylish cooling that is effective.


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