Nanoleaf Triangles Shapes Starter Smart LED Light Kit With 15 Panels Packs

Brand: Model: NL47-6002TW-15PK


  • The Nanoleaf Triangles Shapes Starter Smart LED Light Kit offers modular, sleek LED panels with smart technology.
  • Perfect for creating statement walls or personalized ambiances, it features touch controls, music sync, and easy installation with “no-drill” Mounting Tape.
  • Customize scenes via the Nanoleaf App, and its Connect+ technology allows integration with other shapes for limitless smart home decor possibilities.

1,200.00 AED

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Nanoleaf Triangles Shapes Star...

1,200.00 AED

Nanoleaf Triangles Shapes Starter Smart LED Light Kit

The Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles are cutting-edge modular LED light panels featuring a seamless blend of smart technology and a slim, modern design. Ideal for crafting eye-catching accent walls, establishing a dedicated productivity area, or setting the perfect ambiance for any occasion, these panels elevate your space with interactive features such as touch controls, real-time music synchronization, screen mirroring, and more. With the ability to personalize Scenes and Playlists through the Nanoleaf App, installation is a breeze using the included “no-drill” double-sided Mounting Tape. The Connect+ technology ensures compatibility with other shapes in the Nanoleaf lineup, providing endless possibilities for lighting, design, and IoT integration in your smart home decor.

Modular Backlit Illumination:

Create personalized layouts and bask in the breathtaking futuristic ambient glow of your design.

Music Visualizer:

Transform your favorite songs into a captivating display of color and light using the built-in Rhythm Music Visualizer.

Layout Assistant:

Experiment with various panel layouts effortlessly using the Layout Assistant and visualize them in your space through the AR feature.

Screen Mirror:

Dive into a captivating gaming and movie night adventure as the colors from your screen come to life, creating a dynamic visual experience on your surroundings, including explosive effects during intense gaming moments.


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