Nanoleaf Lines Starter Kit | 15 Light Lines | NL59-K-6002LW-15PK-UK

Brand: Model: NL59-K-6002LW-15PK-UK


  • Revolutionize your space with the Nanoleaf Lines Starter Kit – 15 Light Lines. Create a personalized atmosphere with dynamic, customizable lighting.
  • Elevate your decor to new heights!

1,349.00 AED

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Nanoleaf Lines Starter Kit | 1...

1,349.00 AED

Nanoleaf Lines Starter Kit – 15 Light Lines

Elevate your space with the Nanoleaf Lines Starter Kit – a revolutionary lighting solution that transforms any room into a dynamic visual canvas. Immerse yourself in vibrant colors and customizable designs, effortlessly creating a personalized atmosphere. Unleash creativity with ease and experience the future of smart lighting.


Modular Backlit Illumination:

Create personalized layouts and bask in the breathtaking futuristic ambient glow of your design.

Music Visualizer:

Transform your favorite songs into a captivating display of color and light using the built-in Rhythm Music Visualizer.

Layout Assistant:

Experiment with various panel layouts effortlessly using the Layout Assistant and visualize them in your space through the AR feature.

Screen Mirror:

Dive into a captivating gaming and movie night adventure as the colors from your screen come to life, creating a dynamic visual experience on your surroundings, including explosive effects during intense gaming moments.


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