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GIGABYTE X670E AORUS XTREME AM5 Motherboard, AMD X670 Chipset, 4 x DDR5 DIMM Up to 192GB Max Memory, Wi-Fi 6E, 1 x PCI Express x16 slot, supporting PCIe 5.0

Brand: aorus logo Model: X670E-AORUS-XTREME
  • AORUS Animated Display on the Aluminum I/O Cover
  • Direct 18+2+2 Digital VRM Design
  • Fins-Array III with NanoCarbon Coating
  • Design Ready for PCI Express 5.0
  • Noise Detection
  • M.2 EZ-Latch Plus

2,810.75 AED


2,810.75 AED

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GIGABYTE X670E AORUS XTREME AM5 Motherboard Description:

With GIGABYTE X670E AORUS XTREME AM5 Motherboard, you can gain access to the pinnacle of technology for motherboards with a solution. That was developed to enhance the capabilities of your high-performance AMD Ryzen 7000 Series processor.
This motherboard is a shining example of innovation, as it provides a plethora of cutting-edge features. Also, they are designed to meet the requirements of both computer fans and professionals.

AMD Generation AM5 Socket:

AMD’s next-generation AM5 Socket works with the X670E AORUS XTREME processor. It speeds up the process of making the Ryzen 7000 Series of CPUs possible and helps power the future. Finally, if you use this advanced platform, you will be ready for the newest developments in computer technology.

Motherboard with DDR5 Memory:

It is possible to update the AORUS XTREME X670E motherboard to DDR5 RAM. Not only does it have four SMD DIMM slots, but it can also hold ECC or non-ECC memory that has not been cached. Because you will be able to move data faster and use memory more efficiently, your system will also be faster and better able to handle heavy tasks.

Digital VRM Solution:

The AORUS XTREME X670E motherboard offers a direct 18+2+2 phases digital VRM solution, which provides accurate power to your CPU. This design gives the motherboard a commanding power design.
This sturdy power design guarantees both reliability and the capacity to overclock. Also, it increases the durability and improves heat dissipation supported by the 8-layer 2X Copper PCB. It contributes to the long-term reliability of the system.

Innovative Cooling Solutions:

The X670E AORUS XTREME motherboard features the Fins-Array III heatsink with NanoCarbon coating, designed to guarantee exceptional heat dissipation.
Your M.2 solid-state drives (SSDs) will maintain a consistent level of performance if you use the M.2 Thermal Guard III to keep them cool. Your motherboard components will benefit from the increased protection and stability provided by the Ultra Durable Armour and the NanoCarbon aluminum backplate.

Next-Generation Connectivity:

If your system supports PCIe 5.0, you will enjoy blazing-fast data transfer rates, which will ensure that your computer stays at the forefront of technological advancement.
In addition, the motherboard provides four NVMe x4 M.2 slots, which enables you to make use of the maximum capacity offered by high-speed storage. Dual USB-C connections as well as Bluetooth 5.3, make it possible to seamlessly connect a broad variety of peripherals and other devices to your computer.

EZ-Latch Plus:

EZ-Latch Plus is a new design for PCIe 5.0 and M.2 connectors that has been incorporated into the X670E AORUS XTREME motherboard. The EZ-Latch Plus design incorporates a mechanism. That allows for quick release and does not require screws, which makes the process of installation and maintenance of your components much simpler.
The GIGABYTE X670E AORUS XTREME AM5 Motherboard is more than just a base for your personal computer; rather, it is a platform for the years to come. It offers a reliable foundation for high-performance computing thanks to its compatibility with the AM5 Socket, readiness for DDR5 memory, commanding power design, superior cooling solutions, and next-generation connection options.
This motherboard guarantees that your system will be able to meet the rigorous requirements of the technology of the future, regardless of whether you are a gamer, a content creator, or a professional. It is a demonstration of AORUS’ dedication to providing enthusiasts and professionals with motherboards of the highest possible quality.


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