• Front view of ASUS ZenScreen Go MB16AWP 15.6-inch Wireless Portable Monitor
  • Portable view of ZenScreen Go MB16AWP 15.6-inch Wireless Portable Monitor
  • Cover for ZenScreen Go MB16AWP
  • fold with cover ZenScreen Go MB16AWP
  • ZenScreen Go MB16AWP Wireless Monitor Back view

ASUS ZenScreen Go MB16AWP 15.6-inch Wireless Portable Monitor

Brand: asus logo Model: 90LM07I1-B01370
  • Enjoy stunning visuals and vibrant colors on the go
  • Lightweight and ultra-portable design for easy mobility
  • Wireless connectivity for hassle-free setup and flexibility
  • Perfect for presentations, multitasking, and on-the-go productivity

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Front view of ASUS ZenScreen Go MB16AWP 15.6-inch Wireless Portable Monitor ASUS ZenScreen Go MB16AWP 15.6...

2,080.00 AED

ASUS ZenScreen Go MB16AWP 15.6-inch Wireless Portable Monitor Description:

Experience a new level of productivity with the ASUS ZenScreen Go MB16AWP. This 15.6-inch wireless portable monitor is designed to provide exceptional performance and versatility for professionals, content creators, and gamers alike.
With its cutting-edge features, superior display quality, and wireless connectivity, the ZenScreen Go is the perfect companion for enhancing your workflow wherever you are.

Wireless Connectivity:

Say goodbye to cables and enjoy the freedom of wireless connectivity. The ZenScreen Go MB16AWP features Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to connect your laptop, tablet, or smartphone effortlessly.
With this wireless connection, you can extend your screen real estate and work on multiple tasks simultaneously, without the hassle of tangled cables.

Stunning Full HD Display:

Immerse yourself in stunning visuals with the ZenScreen Go’s Full HD resolution. The 15.6-inch IPS display delivers vibrant colors, sharp details, and wide viewing angles, ensuring an immersive visual experience.
Whether you’re editing photos, watching videos, or working on graphics-intensive projects. Moreover, ZenScreen Go’s high-quality display will bring your content to life.

Ultra-Portable Design:

Designed for maximum portability, the ZenScreen Go MB16AWP is incredibly slim and lightweight. It weighs just 850 grams and measures a mere 9mm thin, making it easy to carry in your bag or backpack.
The included foldable smart case protects the monitor during transport and also doubles as a stand. Also, t allows you to set up your workstation anywhere with ease.

Built-in Battery:

No place to plug in? No problem. The ZenScreen Go has a built-in battery that lets you use it for up to four hours at a time. Whether you’re working from home, on the road, or just need an extra screen for a show.
The built-in battery makes sure you can keep working without having to worry about where to get power.

Smart Cover and Pen Hole:

ASUS made the ZenScreen Go to be as useful as possible. The smart cover not only protects the screen. Also, the built-in pen hole is a handy place to store your stylus, so it’s always close by when inspiration hits.

Eye Care Technology:

The health of your eyes is important. ASUS Eye Care technology is built into the ZenScreen Go, which reduces dangerous blue light and flashing. This function helps keep your eyes from getting tired when you work for a long time, making it easy to see even when you use it for a long time.
The ASUS ZenScreen Go MB16AWP 15.6-inch Wireless Portable Monitor is a powerful and flexible tool that makes you more productive on the go. Also, ZenScreen Go is the perfect partner for workers who want to be more productive and flexible.
Also, it has wifi access, a beautiful Full HD display, an ultra-portable design, a built-in battery, a smart cover, and eye care technology. With the ASUS ZenScreen Go, you can enjoy the freedom of online productivity and let your imagination run wild.


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