• ASUS TUF Gaming B650M-PLUS Motherboard front view

ASUS TUF Gaming B650M-PLUS Motherboard | 90MB1BG0-M0EAY0

Brand: tuf logo Model: 90MB1BG0-M0EAY0
  • High-performance
  • M.2 Heatsinks
  • 7th Gen processors
  • DDR5-SDRAM Support
  • Optimized VRM layout
  • Intel 2.5Gb Ethernet port
  • Strong cooling system
  • Free Shipping

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ASUS TUF Gaming B650M-PLUS Motherboard front view ASUS TUF Gaming B650M-PLUS Mot...

880.00 AED

ASUS TUF Gaming B650M-PLUS Motherboard Description:

The ASUS TUF Gaming B650M-PLUS motherboard is a high-performance motherboard. It features a powerful AMD processor socket that is compatible with the latest AMD Ryzen 3, Ryzen 7, and Ryzen 9 7th Gen processors. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to build a gaming rig or workstation.

DDR5-SDRAM Support:

The motherboard is made to work with DDR5-SDRAM and can hold up to 128GB of onboard memory. This lets you run demanding programs and switch between tasks with ease. The B650M-PLUS makes it easy to play games, edit movies, or run software that needs a lot of power.


In terms of design, the ASUS TUF Gaming B650M-PLUS motherboard is built to last. It comes with military-grade TUF components that ensure reliability and stability. It also comes with an optimized VRM layout, which ensures efficient power delivery to the CPU. This results in improved performance and stability.

M.2 Heatsinks:

The motherboard features a robust cooling system that includes two M.2 heatsinks. It helps dissipate heat generated by high-performance storage devices. It also features an active PCH heatsink and VRM heatsink that work together to keep temperatures under control. This ensures stable performance even under heavy loads.

Connectivity Options:

One of the M.2 slots on the ASUS TUF Gaming B650M-PLUS motherboard supports both PCIe 4.0 and SATA modes. It also has six SATA 6Gbps ports, so you can connect more than one storage device. The motherboard also has a number of USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, including Type-C and Type-A ports, which let you send data quickly and charge your devices quickly.

Comprehensive Features:

The ASUS TUF Gaming B650M-PLUS motherboard also has a lot of audio and networking features, such as a Realtek S1200A codec, DTS Custom support, and an Intel 2.5Gb Ethernet port. These features make sure you get the best sound quality and a fast, stable connection to the network, so you can play games without any problems.
Overall, it’s a great choice for gamers and power users who want a fast system. It can run complicated programs and do more than one thing at once. The ASUS TUF Gaming B650M-PLUS will give you a smooth and stable gaming and work experience thanks to its powerful AMD processor socket, support for DDR5-SDRAM, strong cooling system, and wide range of connection and audio features.


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