• SteelSeries PRISMCAPS Universal Double Shot PBT Keycaps Black

SteelSeries PRISMCAPS Universal Double Shot PBT Keycaps Black

Brand: steelseries-logo Model: 60200
  • Engineered with extremely durable PBT material that stays consistent in texture, clarity, and appearance after heavy use
  • Includes a keycap puller and two additional sets of alternate bottom row keycaps to fit the widest range of mechanical keyboard brands

165.00 AED

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SteelSeries PRISMCAPS Universal Double Shot PBT Keycaps Black SteelSeries PRISMCAPS Universa...

165.00 AED

SteelSeries PRISMCAPS Universal Double Shot Black Description:

The SteelSeries PRISMCAPS Universal Double Shot Black offers you an amazing typing and gaming experience. Certainly! The keyboard is enhanced by this meticulously designed, versatile, and adaptable keycap set. Also, it offer not just aesthetics but also functionality. That can truly transform your interaction with your device.

Compatibility Across the Board:

One of the most amazing feature of PrismCAPS is its extensive compatibility. Certainly! Several SteelSeries keyboards, including the Apex Pro, Apex Pro TKL, Apex Pro Mini, Apex Pro Mini Wireless, Apex 9 TKL, Apex 9 Mini, Apex 7, Apex 7 TKL, Apex 5, Apex M750, and Apex M750 TKL, perfectly accommodate this set of keycaps specifically designed for them.
Also, whether you prefer a full-sized or tenkeyless keyboard, PrismCAPS effortlessly integrates with your device. It enhances both its aesthetics and performance.

High Compatibility:

But that’s not all. The versatility of PrismCAPS extends beyond SteelSeries keyboards. These keycaps are designed to work seamlessly with most MX stems mechanical keyboards, even those with “non-standard” bottom rows, ensuring broad compatibility across various models.
Moreover, no matter the brand or model, if it features MX stems, PrismCAPS can take your typing and gaming experience to the next level.

A Touch of Personalization:

PrismCAPS goes beyond compatibility to offer personalization. Its sleek black design adds a dash of sophistication to your keyboard, ensuring it stands out from the crowd. If you desire a unique and eye-catching keyboard aesthetic, the PrismCAPS keycap set is the answer. Customize your keyboard to reflect your style. Also, you can create an aesthetic that complements your gaming rig or workspace.

Premium Quality Keycaps:

SteelSeries upholds its reputation for quality and durability, and PrismCAPS live up to this standard. Crafted to endure, these keycaps deliver consistent performance, enduring even the most demanding gaming sessions or extensive typing endeavors. The legends, the characters on the keycaps, are designed for lasting endurance.Also, it ensures your keyboard maintains its pristine look and performs optimally.

Effortless Installation:

Installing PrismCAPS is as easy as it sounds. The keycaps are designed for easy setup, making the transformation of your keyboard a hassle-free process. You can upgrade your typing experience by simply replacing your existing keycaps with PrismCAPS and unlock a new level of comfort and performance.


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