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  • Steel Series Arctis Nova 1 Gaming Headset Black

Steel Series Arctis Nova 1 Gaming Headset, High Fidelity Drivers, ClearCast Gen 2 noise-cancelling

Brand: steelseries-logo Model: MTC56767
  • The fully retractable ClearCast Gen 2 noise cancelling mic
  • Multi-System Support
  • Convenient onboard controls with a volume dial and voice mute button on the headset
  • AirWeave Memory Foam

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Steel Series Arctis Nova 1 Gaming Headset Black Steel Series Arctis Nova 1 Gam...

From: 260.00 AED

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Steel Series Arctis Nova 1 Gaming Headset Description:

The Steel Series Arctis Nova 1 Gaming Headset is an amazing new addition to the world of gaming audio that establishes new benchmarks for the quality of the audio. The level of comfort and the ease of communication. This headset aims to elevate your gaming experience by offering a diverse range of cutting-edge features.

Incomparable Sound:

The ARCTIS NOVA 1 has the Nova Acoustic System installed, which includes High Fidelity Drivers developed specifically for this model. The use of this patented technology guarantees high-quality playback of all in-game sounds.
Whether you’re in the thick of a fight, exploring a rich gaming universe, or simply immersing yourself in your favorite game’s music. Also, you’ll be treated to an audio experience like never before.

Perfect Fit and Comfort:

The ARCTIS NOVA 1 is up to the task of enduring even the longest gaming marathons. This ultra-lightweight headset features the ComfortMAX System, which allows for four different points of adjusting. This assures a perfect fit regardless of the size or shape of the user’s head.
The level of comfort and support is raised to an entirely new level. Also, it enables you to game for longer periods of time without experiencing any discomfort or weariness.

Versatile Compatibility:

The ARCTIS NOVA 1 is the headset that you should be using, as it is compatible with any PC or console platform that has a 3.5mm connection. This headset will work flawlessly with your gaming setup.
Regardless of whether you play video games on a desktop computer, PlayStation, Xbox, or another console. Furthermore, its compatibility with mobile devices makes it an excellent option for gaming on the go, away from home.

Convenient Controls:

The Steel Series Arctis Nova 1 Gaming Headset features convenient controls that put you in charge. You can change the volume and silence the microphone without taking your hands off the controller because they are both built right into the headset. It’s about making life easier and maintaining relevance.

Revolutionary Sound Sensing:

The ARCTIS NOVA 1’s Sonar technology is a major step forward for video game audio. If you have Sonar, you can find your enemies before you even see them. This cutting-edge innovation improves your awareness of your surrounding environment and gives you a strategic edge in games by letting you pick up on minute changes in sound.


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