• Redragon H848 Bluetooth Wireless Headset-Blue

Redragon H848 Bluetooth Wireless Headset-Blue

Brand: redragon logo Model: H848-Blue
  • Long Battery Life for Non-Stop Gaming
  • Onboard Audio Controls
  • Solid Fabric Material for Extended Durability
  • Detachable Microphone for Clear Communication

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Redragon H848 Bluetooth Wireless Headset-Blue Redragon H848 Bluetooth Wirele...

145.00 AED

Redragon H848 Bluetooth Wireless Headset-Blue Description:

The Redragon H848 Bluetooth Wireless Headset-Blue will completely transform the way you enjoy gaming. Expertise in a world of exceptional audio quality, comfort, and seamless connectivity as you engage yourself in this universe.

Ultra Lightweight Design:

The H848-Blue comes with a feather-light build and weighs only 178 grammes (6.2 ounces), making it an ideal choice for gamers that participate in lengthy gaming sessions. You may say goodbye to the strain on your head and welcome to gameplay that is uninterrupted and pleasurable.

Long Battery Life for Non-Stop Gaming:

The battery life is outstanding, lasting between 20 and 25 hours. Whether you are deeply engaged in a game, chatting with friends, or listening to music, the H848-Blue ensures that you remain connected, allowing you to have an experience that is really immersive. You will be able to spend more time gaming and less time waiting if you have a speedy full charge that takes only 2.5 hours.

Durable Comfort :

Not only does the cushioning made of soft memory foam improve the sound quality by absorbing waves. But it also offers an unrivalled level of comfort overall. Ear cups made of breathable fabric keep your ears cool during long gaming sessions. Also, it allows you to maintain your concentration while also guaranteeing that you are comfortable.

Onboard Audio Controls:

With the mic mute and volume settings conveniently located on the left ear cup, you’ll have no trouble getting the hang of things. For a smooth gaming experience, you may easily adjust the volume when watching movies and silence the microphone for private talks.

Solid Fabric Material for Extended Durability:

Not only does the H848-Blue provide comfort, but it also guarantees durability. A one-of-a-kind comfort-wearing experience is provided by the headset padding. They are covered with a sturdy and cosy fabric material. Additionally, the padding greatly extend the product’s lifespan.

Detachable Microphone for Clear Communication:

Communication is crystal clear with the detachable noise-cancellation microphone. Enjoy distortion-free conversations with teammates, and eliminate boomed mic cases for a smoother collaborative gaming experience.

Additional Tips for Optimal Usage:

The headset cannot switch to Bluetooth and 2.4G mode when connected to PC/PS4/Devices by type-C cable. Unplug the cable before switching to Bluetooth and 2.4G mode.

Switch the headset to 2.4G mode by following the indication tone: “Gaming mode, power ON.” Then plug in the type-C cable for USB wired mode. The headset indicator will turn on in red and blue.


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