• NZXT Underglow 300mm Lighting Kit

NZXT Underglow 200mm / 300mm Lighting Kit

Brand: nzxt logo Model: X7XDD15438
  • Dynamic lighting modes
  • Customizable RGB lighting effects
  • Premium Quality
  • Dynamic lighting modes
  • Mesmerizing visual experience
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NZXT Underglow 300mm Lighting Kit NZXT Underglow 200mm / 300mm L...

From: 115.00 AED

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NZXT Underglow 200mm Lighting Kit Description:

Introducing the NZXT Underglow 200mm Lighting Kit, a cutting-edge and versatile RGB lighting solution. It takes your PC customization to the next level. Designed by NZXT, a leading brand in PC components and accessories.
It is a powerful and efficient RGB lighting accessory that allows you to illuminate your PC build with stunning colors and effects. Also, it creates a mesmerizing visual experience.


The NZXT Under Glow 200mm lighting kit features a sleek and durable design. It comes with a length of 200mm, making it the perfect size to fit seamlessly in most PC cases. It comes with an adhesive backing, making installation quick and hassle-free.
Moreover, the accessory is powered by NZXT’s CAM software, which provides easy-to-use controls to customize the lighting effects, colors, and brightness. Also, it allows you to create your own unique lighting setup to match your style or mood.


One of the standout features of the NZXT Underglow 200mm Lighting Kit is its compatibility with a wide range of RGB lighting accessories. These accessory includes LED strips, fans, and cables, giving you the flexibility to expand and enhance your lighting setup according to your preferences.
The accessory also supports daisy-chaining, allowing you to connect multiple HUE 2 accessories together and sync their lighting effects for a seamless and synchronized lighting experience across your entire PC.

Lighting Effects:

It also has more advanced ways to change the lighting, such as preset lighting effects, dynamic lighting modes, and audio modes that change based on the sound. It gives you a lot of options for making a beautiful and immersive lighting display that makes gaming or working better.

Premium Quality:

The NZXT Underglow 200mm Lighting Kit is a must-have for PC enthusiasts and gamers. Also, those who want to take their PC’s looks to the next level with bright and customizable RGB lighting effects. It has a high-quality build, works with other RGB accessories, and has powerful software controls.
Lastly, the HUE 2 Undergrow Model 2 is the perfect way to add a touch of brilliance to your build. Whether you’re building a new PC or trying to improve the one you already have. With the NZXT Under Glow 200mm lighting kit, you can turn your PC into a stunning work of art.
Get yours now and show off your creativity! So, get the NZXT AH-2UGKD-B1 HUE 2 Undergrow Model 2 200mm Accessory today to make your PC look even better.


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