• NZXT C1000 Gold Power Supply

NZXT C1000 Gold Power Supply

Brand: nzxt logo Model: 942TB14433
  • 750 to 1000 Watt power output
  • 80+ Gold certification
  • Power Efficiency
  • Modular Design
  • Stable Performance
  • 135mm fan
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NZXT C1000 Gold Power Supply NZXT C1000 Gold Power Supply

From: 455.00 AED

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NZXT C1000 PSU Power Supply Description:

The NZXT C1000 PSU (2022) is a high-performance power supply. It is ideal for gaming enthusiasts and PC builders. With its 1000 Watt power output, 80+ Gold certification, and fully modular design, the C1000 PSU provides a robust and stable power source. Also, it can handle the demands of even the most powerful gaming rigs.

Power Efficiency:

The 80+ Gold certification makes sure that the C1000 PSU has maximum power efficiency. It comes with at least 87% at 20% load, 90% at 50% load, and 87% at 100% load. This means it wastes less energy and makes less heat than power supplies that don’t work as well.
This means that you’ll pay less for electricity and the parts will last longer and run more quietly. Since the PSU fan doesn’t have to turn as fast to keep the temperature at a safe level.

Modular Design:

Because the NZXT C1000 PSU is fully modular, you can only connect the cables you need for your build. This design not only reduces the number of cables and improves airflow. But it also makes it easier to manage cables and make changes.
The power supply comes with a set of sleeved cables that not only look sleek and stylish but also protect the wires from damage and interference.

Stable Performance:

The C1000 PSU uses high-quality components, such as Japanese capacitors and a single +12V rail. These components deliver stable and consistent power across all rails and connectors. Even under heavy loads or overclocking.
The PSU also includes various safety features, such as over-voltage, over-current, over-power, under-voltage, and short-circuit protection, to prevent damage to your components in case of a power surge or malfunction.

Efficient Cooling:

The NZXT C1000 PSU is small and sturdy, and its finish is matte black. Also, it has a big 135mm fan with a fluid dynamic bearing that cools quickly and quietly. The speed of the fan can be changed automatically based on how hot the PSU is and how much it is being used. So it doesn’t make noise or shake when it doesn’t need to.
The PSU also has a hybrid fan mode that lets you choose between quiet operation and maximum cooling, depending on your preferences and how you use it.
Overall, it is a top-tier power supply that combines high power output, high efficiency, a fully modular design, and advanced safety and cooling features to provide a reliable and customizable power source for demanding gaming and professional applications.
Whether you’re building a new gaming PC or upgrading an old one, the C1000 PSU is a good investment that can help you reach your performance and design goals without sacrificing quality or reliability.


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