• MSI PRO Z790-P DDR4 Motherboard with motherboard

MSI PRO Z790-P DDR4 Motherboard | 911-7E06-011

Brand: msi logo Model: 911-7E06-011
  • Optimized PCB Solution
  • Latest DDR5 Memory & SMT Slot
  • EZ M.2 Clip
  • High-Bandwidth & Low-Latency Network
  • LAN Intel 2.5Gbps LAN

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MSI PRO Z790-P DDR4 Motherboard with motherboard MSI PRO Z790-P DDR4 Motherboar...

890.45 AED

MSI PRO Z790-P DDR4 Motherboard Description:

Optimized PCB Solution:

MSI PRO Z790-P DDR4 motherboard has a PCB solution. The PCB is the main part of the motherboard and is in charge of connecting all the other parts. An optimized PCB solution usually involves using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to make sure the PCB is as strong and reliable as possible.
Also, an optimized PCB solution can improve the quality of the signals, which can lead to faster data transfer and more stable performance.

Latest DDR5 Memory & SMT Slot:

Features of the PRO Z790-P DDR4 motherboard. It uses the latest DDR5 memory and SMT slot technology. DDR5 memory is the latest version of DDR memory. It has faster speeds, less latency, and more memory per chip than DDR4 memory. A motherboard that supports DDR5 memory typically features improved power management capabilities.
Also, SMT, which stands for “Simultaneous Multithreading,” is a technology that lets each CPU core run more than one thread at the same time.This can improve the overall performance of the system, especially when running multiple programs or tasks at the same time.
The motherboard has both DDR5 memory slots and SMT slots, making it a great choice for people who want the most out of their computer system.

EZ M.2 Clip:

The MSI PRO Z790-P DDR4 motherboard features an EZ M.2 clip. It is designed to make installing and removing M.2 solid-state drives (SSDs) quick and easy. M.2 SSDs are a popular type of storage device that is commonly used in modern computer systems. They offer fast read and write speeds, a small form factor, and low power consumption. However, installing and removing M.2 SSDs can be a challenging task, particularly in tight spaces.
An EZ M.2 clip is a special design feature that makes the process of installing and removing M.2 SSDs much easier. It works by providing a spring-loaded clip that holds the M.2 SSD securely in place while also allowing users to remove it quickly and easily.

High-Bandwidth & Low-Latency Network:

The PRO Z790-P DDR4 motherboard has a network that is both fast and reliable. High-bandwidth networks can move data more quickly, which can improve the overall performance of the system. On the other hand, low-latency networks have faster response times. It can be especially helpful for online games, video conferencing, and other applications that need to work in real-time.
A motherboard that supports a high-bandwidth and low-latency network usually has the latest networking technologies, such as 2.5G Ethernet or Wi-Fi 6, which can speed up network speeds and reduce latency. Also, these motherboards may have advanced tools for network optimization, such as QoS or traffic shaping, that help the network run better.

LAN Intel 2.5Gbps LAN:

LAN, or Local Area Network, refers to the technology used to connect computers and other devices within a local area. The latest version of LAN technology, Intel 2.5Gbps, has faster network speeds than older versions, like 1Gbps. The latest Intel network controller is usually found on a motherboard that supports LAN Intel 2.5Gbps. The PRO Z790-P DDR4 lets you connect to networks quickly and reliably.


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