• Lian Li DK-05FX RGB Dual-System Desk PC Case General view
  • Components RGB Lighting

Lian Li DK-05FX RGB Dual-System Desk PC Case

Brand: lianli logo Model: G99.DK05FX.02
  • Dual-system support for simultaneous gaming and productivity setups.
  • Stunning RGB lighting that adds a vibrant touch to your desk.
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable and efficient gaming or work sessions.
  • Elevate your desk setup with this unique and feature-packed desk PC case.

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Lian Li DK-05FX RGB Dual-System Desk PC Case General view Lian Li DK-05FX RGB Dual-Syste...

8,543.00 AED

Lian Li DK-05FX RGB Dual-System Desk PC Case Description:

The Lian Li DK-05FX RGB Dual-System Desk Computer Case is a groundbreaking innovation. It redefines the concept of a computer case. This unique desk computer case not only provides ample space for your components but also doubles as a functional workstation.
With its switchable glass tabletop, customizable RGB lighting, and exceptional liquid cooling support.

Dual-System Capability:

The Lian Li DK-05FX RGB Dual-System Desk Computer Case is made so that it can be used with two systems. It lets you build two different systems in the same case. This is a great tool for content makers, streamers, and pros who need multiple computers in a small package.
Also, the dual-system feature makes it easy to do more than one thing at once and boosts productivity without the need for different sets or more room.

Switchable Glass Tabletop with Window:

The glass base on the Lian Li DK-05FX RGB Dual-System Desk Computer Case can be changed. This gives your desk a bit of class. The glass is easy to change between seeing through and not seeing through.
It lets you show off your high-performance parts or hide them when you need to. Also, the window on the desk gives you a clear view of your system’s insides and makes your build look amazing.

Customizable RGB Lighting:

With the DK-05FX’s customizable RGB lights, you can get lost in a world full of bright colours. The case has built-in RGB lights that can be adjusted and timed with software that works with it.
Also, you can make beautiful lighting effects, match the lighting to your favourite colour scheme, or sync it with other RGB components in your system for a visually appealing experience that shows off your own style.

Exceptional Liquid Cooling Support:

The DK-05FX is designed for people who like liquid cooling, and it works very well with homemade water-cooling setups. Multiple heaters up to 480mm can fit in the case. So, both of your computers can get rid of heat efficiently.
The roomy interior gives you plenty of room for tanks, pumps, and tubes, so you can make a high-performance liquid cooling system that keeps your components cool even when you’re doing a lot of work or playing games.

Thoughtful Design and Functionality:

It has a cable management system that keeps your cords organised and out of sight, keeping your desk clear of clutter. The case also has drawers and shelves for easy storage, so you can keep your tools, extras, and personal items close by for a more planned and efficient process.
In conclusion, the Lian Li DK-05FX RGB Dual-System Desk Computer Case is a game-changer for PC fans, players, and professionals. This case is both stylish and practical because it can hold two computers, has switchable glass tables, and changeable RGB lights, and works well with liquid cooling.
With the DK-05FX, you can let your creativity run wild, get more done, and show off your work. Using a creative and stylish desk computer case will make your computer experience better.


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