• Kingston FURY Beast KVR48U40BD8-32 32GB 4800MT DDR5 RGB Desktop Memory
  • FURY Beast KVR48U40BD8-32 front view
  • top view with RGB Glow FURY Beast KVR48U40BD8-32
  • Dual kit front view KVR48U40BD8-32
  • Dual Kit back view KVR48U40BD8-32

Kingston FURY Beast KVR48U40BD8-32 32GB 4800MT DDR5 RGB Desktop Memory

Brand: kingston logo Model: QW7J424917
  • High-speed DDR5 technology for exceptional performance
  • Vibrant RGB lighting adds style to your desktop setup
  • Reliable and stable operation with non-ECC error check technology

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Kingston FURY Beast KVR48U40BD8-32 32GB 4800MT DDR5 RGB Desktop Memory Kingston FURY Beast KVR48U40BD...

From: 275.00 AED

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Kingston FURY Beast KVR48U40BD8-32 32GB 4800MT DDR5 RGB Desktop Memory Description:

The Kingston FURY Beast KVR48U40BD8-32 4800MT Memory takes performance to an entirely new level. For gamers, multimedia creators, and professionals looking for increased performance and dependability, this cutting-edge RAM DIMM module is perfect.
It is made for unwavering efficiency and high-speed data processing. The Kingston KVR48U40BD8-32 is the best choice for individuals who want to get the most out of their systems because of its exceptional specifications and cutting-edge features.

Unparalleled Speed and Efficiency:

The immense 32GB capacity of the FURY Beast KVR48U40BD8-32 DDR5 4800MT/s Non-ECC Memory RAM enables you to easily perform even the most difficult jobs. This DDR5 module’s astoundingly fast data transmission rate of 4800MT/s (PC5-38400) enables seamless multitasking and faultless application performance.
This memory module’s 2400MHz clock rate and CL40 CAS latency guarantee quick responses and minimal delays for an enhanced computing experience.

Cutting-Edge DDR5 Technology:

DDR5 advancements benefit the Kingston FURY Beast KVR48U40BD8-32 Memory, the most recent iteration of memory technology. Designed for exceptional performance in modern systems, this module features a 288-pin DIMM form size.
A dual-rank structure improves data access and transfer rates, maximizing system efficiency. To enhance energy efficiency, this DDR5 module operates at a low voltage of 1.1V while maintaining speed.

Reliable and Stable Operation:

The Kingston FURY Beast KVR48U40BD8-32 Memory RAM utilizes non-ECC error check technology, ensuring dependable operation and eliminating data loss. It is an excellent choice for memory-intensive activities like gaming and high-performance computing because of this feature.
To support the dependability and quality of its products, Kingston offers a lifetime guarantee, providing consumers with peace of mind and continuing support.

Easy Installation and Compatibility:

Due to its system compatibility, this Kingston memory module is a versatile solution for updates or new builds. Due to its 288-pin design, it facilitates installation by fitting into standard DDR5 DIMM slots.
The FURY Beast KVR48U40BD8-32 ability to work in a temperature range of 0°C to 85°C ensures reliable performance even under challenging conditions.

Maximum Speed & Capacity:

By using the Kingston KVR48U40BD8-32 DDR5 RAM memory, you can get the most out of your machine. This module gives you the speed, capacity, and reliability you need to win, whether you’re a serious gamer, a content creator, or a worker looking for the highest level of performance.
Because Kingston is committed to quality and new ideas, you can count on their many years of experience to take your system to new heights.


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