• Intel Core i5 14600K Desktop processor

Intel Core i5 14600K Desktop processor, 14 Cores, LGA 1700, 5.3GHz Max Turbo Frequency, 24 MB Intel Smart Cache, 125 W Processor Base Power and 192 GB Max Memory

Brand: intel logo Model: BX8071514600K
  • 14 Cores & 20 Threads
  • 3.5 GHz P-Core Clock Speed
  • 5.3 GHz Maximum Turbo Boost Frequency
  • LGA 1700 Socket
  • 24MB Cache Memory
  • Dual-Channel DDR5-5600 ECC Memory
  • Integrated Intel UHD 770 Graphics
  • Hybrid Core Architecture
  • Unlocked for Overclocking
  • 14th Generation (Raptor Lake-S Refresh)

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Intel Core i5 14600K Desktop processor Intel Core i5 14600K Desktop ...

1,345.00 AED

Intel Core i5-14600K Desktop Processor Description

Meticulously engineered to redefine your desktop computing experience, the Intel Core i5-14600K Desktop Processor stands as a technological powerhouse. With its array of robust features and cutting-edge technologies, this CPU is the ideal choice for those who demand exceptional processing power, including gamers, content creators, and professionals.

Core and Thread Supremacy:

With an amazing 14 Cores and 20 Threads, the Intel Core i5-14600K has the computing power needed to handle even the most taxing applications. This CPU guarantees that you have the power you require whether you’re gaming, producing content, or multitasking.

Exceptional Clock Speeds:

With a base P-Core clock speed of 3.5 GHz, the i5-14600K handles everyday tasks with ease. But it doesn’t stop there – when you need that extra burst of power, the processor can reach a maximum Turbo Boost frequency of 5.3 GHz, ensuring rapid task execution and silky-smooth performance.

LGA 1700 Socket Compatibility:

Designed to fit seamlessly into motherboards featuring the LGA 1700 socket, the i5-14600K ensures optimal power delivery and supports the latest DDR5 memory technology for unmatched performance and responsiveness.

Cache Memory Abundance:

The processor is equipped with a generous 24MB of cache memory, ensuring rapid data access, reduced latency, and an overall boost in system performance, especially during memory-intensive tasks.

DDR5 Memory Support with ECC:

The i5-14600K supports Dual-Channel DDR5-5600 ECC memory, delivering outstanding memory bandwidth and error-correcting capabilities. This ensures data integrity and reliability, vital for both professional workloads and gaming.

Integrated Intel UHD 770 Graphics:

With integrated Intel UHD 770 Graphics, the processor provides a reliable graphics solution for everyday computing tasks and content consumption. While discrete graphics are ideal for gaming and demanding applications, the integrated graphics enhance versatility.

Hybrid Core Architecture:

The CPU employs a dynamic core architecture that blends both energy-efficient and high-performance cores. It enhances workload optimization and delivering impressive processing capabilities. This dynamic method guarantees the efficient and precise execution of tasks.

Intel i5-14600K with Overclocking:

For those who are passionate about pushing their systems to the limit through overclocking, the “K” designation becomes a welcomed sight. Also, this indicates that this processor is unshackled. This capability empowers you to explore the outer limits of performance, tailoring the CPU to precisely suit your individual needs.

14th Generation Technology:

The i5-14600K belongs to the 14th Generation (Raptor Lake-S Refresh) lineup, representing the latest in Intel’s ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence.

In summary, the Intel Core i5-14600K Desktop Processor is a versatile and high-performing CPU, capable of addressing the diverse needs of users across various domains. Whether you’re gaming, content creation, or handling professional workloads, this processor delivers outstanding performance and adaptability. Elevate your desktop computing experience and explore new horizons with the i5-14600K.


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