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DeepCool PQ1000M 1000W 80Plus Gold Full Modular Power Supply

Brand: deepcool logo Model: 2811Z25301

The DeepCool PQ1000M 1000W 80Plus Gold Full Modular Power Supply is a top-tier PSU, offering high efficiency and whisper-quiet operation. With its fully modular design, it ensures clean cable management and improved airflow. Safeguard your components with advanced protection features. A reliable choice for power-hungry systems.

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DeepCool PQ1000M 1000W 80Plus Gold Full Modular Power Supply DeepCool PQ1000M 1000W 80Plus ...

From: 580.00 AED

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DeepCool PQ1000M 1000W 80Plus Gold Full Modular Power Supply Description:

The DeepCool PQ1000M 1000W 80Plus is a cutting-edge power supply that caters to the demands of high-end gaming PCs, workstations, and servers. Let’s explore its key features and specifications:

Features and Specifications:

  • Power Output:

    The PQ1000M 1000w delivers an impressive 1000W of continuous power, providing ample capacity for even the most power-hungry systems.

  • 80+ Gold Efficiency:

    With an 80+ Gold efficiency rating, the PQ1000M ensures minimal energy wastage and reduced electricity bills.

  • Full Modular Design:

    The PSU comes with a fully modular design, allowing users to connect only the necessary cables, leading to a clean and organized build with improved airflow.

  • Whisper-Quiet Cooling:

    Equipped with a 140mm silent fan, the PQ1000M operates quietly even under heavy loads, maintaining a peaceful computing environment.

  • Advanced Protection:

    DeepCool PQ1000M Power Supply has incorporated multiple protection mechanisms, including OVP (Over Voltage Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection), OPP (Over Power Protection), and SCP (Short Circuit Protection), ensuring the safety of your valuable components.

Enhanced Efficiency and Power Delivery:

The DeepCool PQ1000M 1000W 80plus Gold efficiency rating ensures that it operates at high levels of efficiency, minimizing power wastage and heat generation. This results in reduced electricity bills, making it an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective choice for power-hungry systems.

Full Modular Design for Cable Management:

The Deepcool PQ1000M 1000W fully modular design allows users to connect only the required cables to their components, reducing clutter within the system and improving overall airflow. The result is a cleaner and tidier build that not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also aids in better cooling and system performance.

Whisper-Quiet Operation:

Thanks to the inclusion of a 140mm silent fan, the PQ1000M 1000w operates quietly, even during heavy workloads. This feature ensures a serene and distraction-free computing experience, perfect for those late-night gaming sessions or demanding work scenarios.

Advanced Safety Features:

DeepCool PQ1000M 1000W 80Plus has prioritized the safety of your components by integrating various protection mechanisms into the PQ1000M. Whether it’s overvoltage, undervoltage, overpower, or short circuit situations, the PSU can handle them all, safeguarding your precious hardware.


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