• Eye care with white color of ASUS VY249HE-W 23.8-inch 1080P Monitor
  • back view of VY249HE-W 23.8-inch 1080P Monitor
  • front view of VY249HE-W 23.8-inch 1080P Monitor
  • Tilt (+22° ~ -5°) vy249he-w asus monitor
  • Power Plug 1 HDMI Port and VGA cable options for more user friendly

ASUS VY249HE-W 23.8-inch 1080P Monitor, Full HD IPS Display, 75Hz Refresh Rate, 1ms Response Time, Ultra-Slim Design, Eye Care Technology

Brand: asus logo Model: 90LM06A5-B01370
  • Enjoy vibrant and detailed Full HD resolution
  • IPS panel provides accurate colors and wide viewing angles
  • Experience smooth and fluid visuals with a 75Hz refresh rate
  • Ultra-slim design adds a sleek and modern touch to your setup

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Eye care with white color of ASUS VY249HE-W 23.8-inch 1080P Monitor ASUS VY249HE-W 23.8-inch 1080P...

680.00 AED

ASUS VY249HE-W 23.8-inch 1080P Monitor Description:

The ASUS VY249HE-W 23.8-inch 1080P Monitor is a fantastic display that offers an immersive viewing experience with its sleek design and impressive features. With its full HD resolution and 75Hz refresh rate.
This monitor delivers sharp and vibrant visuals, making it ideal for gaming, multimedia, and everyday use.

IPS Panel:

One of the standout features of this Asus VY249HE-W monitor is its IPS panel, which provides excellent color accuracy and wide viewing angles. Whether you’re working on graphic design projects or enjoying your favorite movies, the ASUS VY249HE-W ensures that you get consistent and accurate colors from any angle, enhancing your overall visual experience.

Adaptive-Sync/FreeSync Technology:

For gaming, the Adaptive-Sync/FreeSync technology is a significant breakthrough. The gameplay will be significantly smoother and more seamless with the elimination of screen tearing and stuttering.
This function allows the refresh rates of your computer’s graphics card and your display to be synchronized, resulting in more fluid pictures and improved responsiveness. The ASUS VY249HE-W 23.8-inch 1080P Monitor can meet your needs whether you like playing hectic action games or ones that need you to explore intricate open-world settings.

Eye Care Technology:

The many eye care technologies included in this display show ASUS’s consideration for your eyes’ health. The flicker-free technology and blue light filter of the Eye Care Plus feature help to reduce the likelihood of eye fatigue and the amount of strain that could occur during prolonged viewing sessions.
The Asus VY249HE-W monitor also has a feature that reminds you to take pauses called the rest reminder. By doing this, you can make sure that your working and leisure time are suitably balanced. In addition to being excellent in terms of performance and user eye health. This monitor places a high priority on cleanliness.
The Antibacterial Surface feature is a great choice for situations where maintaining cleanliness is crucial, such as businesses, educational institutions, and public spaces, since it helps reduce the transmission of dangerous germs.

HDMI and VGA Ports:

You can easily connect your devices thanks to the wide range of connectivity options, which include HDMI and VGA ports. Whether you want to connect your gaming console, laptop, or streaming device. The ASUS VY249HE-W 23.8-inch 1080P Monitor has you covered.
It has linkages between all of these things and more.

Bezel-Free Design:

Thanks to its bezel-free design, this monitor exudes sophisticated refinement. The monitor is a great option for multi-monitor systems because of its immersive viewing experience and small bezels. Additionally, mounting the monitor to a wall or an adjustable arm is made easy by the monitor’s compatibility with VESA mounts.
This not only frees up room on your desk but also enables you to alter its placement. The ASUS VY249HE-W 23.8-inch 1080P Monitor, in conclusion, is a display of the finest caliber. It delivers great performance in addition to characteristics that are advantageous to eye health and cleanliness.
For gamers, professionals, and consumers of entertainment in general. It offers a flexible choice thanks to its captivating visuals, smooth gameplay, and user-friendly design. This monitor is a trustworthy and attractive addition to any setup thanks to ASUS’ commitment to quality and innovation.


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