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  • ASUS VA27DQ 27-inch 1080P Monitor front view Flicker Free Technology
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  • Eycare Monitor for your creativity and gaming VA27DQ 27-inch 1080P
  • Front view of VA27DQ 27-inch 1080P Monitor

ASUS VA27DQ 27-inch 1080P Monitor, Eye Care Full HD Display, VA Panel, 75Hz Refresh Rate, HDMI & VGA Connectivity

Brand: asus logo Model: 90LM06H4-B02370
  • Full HD display with vibrant colors and sharp details
  • VA panel technology for enhanced image quality and wide viewing angles
  • Enjoy smooth visuals with a 75Hz refresh rate
  • Connect easily with HDMI and VGA ports

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ASUS VA27DQ 27-inch 1080P Monitor front view Flicker Free Technology ASUS VA27DQ 27-inch 1080P Moni...

730.00 AED

ASUS VA27DQ 27-inch 1080P Monitor Description:

Immerse yourself in stunning visuals and enjoy a smooth performance with the ASUS VA27DQ 27-inch 1080P Monitor. This monitor combines a sleek design with advanced features to deliver a captivating viewing experience.
With its Full HD resolution, IPS panel, adaptive-sync technology, and eye care features. This monitor is perfect for work, entertainment, and gaming.

Crisp and Vibrant Visuals:

The ASUS 27-inch 1080P Monitor (VA27DQ) with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The IPS panel ensures accurate color reproduction and wide viewing angles, allowing you to enjoy vivid and lifelike visuals from any position.
Whether you’re working on creative projects, watching movies, or gaming. This monitor delivers sharp images with stunning clarity.

Smooth and Responsive Performance:

With a 75Hz refresh rate and adaptive sync technology, the VA27DQ 27-inch 1080P Monitor provides a smooth and seamless viewing experience. Adaptive sync, also known as AMD FreeSync, eliminates screen tearing and stuttering by synchronizing the monitor’s refresh rate with the graphics card’s frame rate.
This results in fluid visuals and responsive performance, allowing you to enjoy immersive gaming and multimedia content without distractions.

Built-in Speakers:

The monitor VA27DQ 27-inch is equipped with built-in speakers, eliminating the need for external speakers or headphones. The integrated speakers deliver clear and immersive audio, enhancing your multimedia experience and saving valuable desk space.

Eye Care Features:

ASUS prioritizes your eye health. The VA27DQ 27-inch 1080P Monitor incorporates flicker-free technology to reduce screen flickering and minimize eye strain, even during extended periods of use.
Additionally, the low blue light feature reduces the amount of harmful blue light emitted by the screen, helping to alleviate eye fatigue and promote comfortable viewing.

Versatile Connectivity Options:

This VA27DQ 27-inch 1080P Monitor offers a range of connectivity options, including HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort. Whether you need to connect your computer, gaming console, or other devices, the ASUS 27″ 1080P Monitor (VA27DQ) has you covered.
Moreover, the multiple ports ensure compatibility and flexibility for various devices and connectivity preferences.

Tilt Adjustable and VESA Mountable:

The monitor can be tilted, so you can find the most comfortable way to look at it. Whether you want a straight-on view or a slight tilt, the monitor is easy to change to your liking. The ASUS 27″ 1080P Monitor (VA27DQ) is also VESA mount suitable.
So, you can put it on a wall or an ergonomic monitor arm for a clean and customizable office.

Frameless Design:

The ASUS VA27DQ doesn’t have a frame, so it gives you a more engaging viewing experience with fewer distractions. The thin borders make it easy to connect multiple monitors together, giving you more screen space and making you more productive.
In conclusion, the ASUS VA27DQ 27-inch 1080P Monitor offers stunning views, smooth performance, and eye care features in a sleek and flexible design. With its Full HD resolution, IPS screen, adaptive-sync technology, built-in speakers, and comfortable changes.
This monitor gives you a full-screen experience for work, play, and pleasure. With this monitor from ASUS, you can boost your work, enjoy entertainment, and protect your eyes.


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