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  • ASUS PRIME X670E-PRO Wifi Close to the Box view

ASUS PRIME X670E-PRO Wifi 6E Socket AM5 Ryzen 7000 Series ATX Motehrboard | 90MB1BL0-M0EAY0

Brand: asus logo Model: 90MB1BL0-M0EAY0

ASUS PRIME X670E-PRO is a high-performance,

  • Durable Socket AM5 motherboard engineered to deliver a reliable platform for those who demand the very best.
  • Built with the latest WiFi 6E technology.
  • Next-gen speeds up to 2.4Gbps are achievable.

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ASUS PRIME X670E-PRO Wifi Close to the Box view ASUS PRIME X670E-PRO Wifi 6E S...

Original price was: 1,362.75 AED.Current price is: 1,250.00 AED.

X670E-PRO WIFI Motherboard Description

ASUS PRIME X670E-PRO Wifi is designed to maximize the performance of the newest AMD Ryzen 7000-series CPUs. Also, the PRIME X670E-PRO WIFI offers users and PC DIY builders a variety of performances via simple software and firmware features.
The ASUS PRIME X670E-PRO WIFI has a sleek, futuristic box with a design aesthetic and a silver-toned nameplate and CPU cover.

5-Way Optimization:

5-Way Optimization in ASUS motherboards enables users to optimize their system’s performance with just a few clicks. Also, it is a tool that automatically adjusts various system settings based on the components installed on the motherboard.

Overlocking Technologies:

The ASUS X570E motherboard features advanced overclocking technology. This technology enables users to push their system’s performance beyond the stock settings. Furthermore, this motherboard supports AMD Ryzen processors, known for their excellent overclocking potential.

  • AI Overclocking
  • Dynamic OC Switcher
  • Ryzen Core Flex


AI Cooling II is a feature in ASUS motherboards that uses artificial intelligence to optimize the system’s cooling performance. This technology enables the motherboard to adjust the fan speed and pump speed automatically.


The PRIME X670E-PRO WIFI motherboard is built to handle AMD processors’ high core counts and bandwidth demands. Moreover, the ASUS X670E motherboard provides all the fundamentals to boost daily productivity, so your system will be ready for action with stable power, efficient cooling, and flexible data transfer options.


Four M.2 slots support up to the 22110 devices and also can provide NVMe SSD RAID for incredible performance potential.


  • PCIe 5.0 Slot
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 Type-C
  • USB4 Support
  • WiFi 6E
  • Realtek 2.5 Gb Ethernet


    • PCIe Slot Q-Release
    • Q-Latch
    • SafeSlot Core+ & SafeDIMM
    • FlexKey


Lastly, the ASUS PRIME X670E-PRO WIFI motherboard improves every experience, from exclusive audio quality to intuitive RGB lighting controls that let you customize your system to create a uniquely personal look.


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